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Kitchen Window Treatments

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When you’re decorating your home don’t forget to put some time and effort into your kitchen window treatments. The kitchen is a room we spend a lot of time in so why not create a lovely ambience in it by getting creative with your kitchen windows.

It’s lovely to walk into a kitchen with an atmosphere that reflects your own personal style and flair, so enjoy looking through this site for some inspiration for your kitchen window coverings. There are plenty of ideas on this site to whet your appetite including kitchen curtain ideas; ideas for the best blinds to put in the kitchen as well as ideas for tier and cafe curtains.

A couple of things to consider when looking at your kitchen window treatment is the kind of atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen – do you want the kitchen to have a rustic cottage feel or more of a clean sharp contemporary style?

Also be sure to select curtains, blinds or valances that blend with the design of the room. And always stick to your decorating budget. You can stll buy cheap curtains for your kitchen that look stylish yet won’t break the budget. Here are some ideas for your kitchen window treatments:

Cafe Curtains

Seeing the kitchen is a room that is used often, you want to let lots of light in, so cafe curtains can give you some privacy yet still allow plenty of light. There are some beautiful designs around at the moment that offer wonderful kitchen window treatments. Some, like the Fat Italian Chef Window Curtains have a fun theme that you can continue throughout the kitchen with spoon rests, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders, prints etc.

If you prefer a prettier look, there are some lovely sheer cafe curtains with dainty embroidered flowers that look really pretty and give your kitchen a fresh, appealing look.

Kitchen Blinds

Kitchen blinds are a versatile kitchen window treatment. You can get faux wood blinds; aluminium blinds; and vinyl mini blinds which are an affordable option for those on a budget. Roller window shades are another economical kitchen window treatment - their style and functionality, easy of cleaning, and color selection make them a  good choice for your kitchen.

Pleated Shades

Pleated window shades are also good to use in the kitchen. They still let in the natural light, yet offer good privacy. And you can use them to great effect with your current color scheme as they come in a variety of colors and patterns that will suit most kitchen decors.

Cellular pleated shades offer excellent insulation against temperature extremes so are very energy efficient to use as kitchen window treatments. You can buy them corded or cordless. The cordless shades are simply raised and lowered with your hands – very nifty.

Roman Shades

If you want a clean uncluttered look you can’t go past Roman Shades. These are available in so many colors and designs that you will have no trouble matching them with your current kitchen decor.

When lowered, Roman shades hang flat and when fully raised you can get a nice swag look depending on the materials used. Or you can half raise them to show off the design and color of these fine kitchen window treatments.


Valances offer a multitude of ways to dress up your kitchen windows. They were used a lot in bygone days as simple county kitchen curtains. Now, the choice of styles for these delightful kitchen window treatments are truly endless. If you are handy or you sew, you can make kitchen window valances out of a range of materials. You could make valances from wood or sheet metal, or you could pleat, sew or drape a range of materials that co-ordinate with your kitchen design.

Even if you’re not a sewer you can make no-sew valances by just using some scarves or small tablecloths as a swag and have them draping over a curtain rod to create enchanting kitchen window treatments.