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Bamboo Window Blinds

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Bamboo window blinds are an affordable option for kitchen window treatments when you’re on a budget. While they offer some privacy they still allow natural light in between the tiny gaps of the bamboo. They are really easy to install and can go with a variety of decors.

They are a good alternative to wooden blinds if you’re after the warm browns that wooden blinds offer. Bamboo window blinds are a lot cheaper and can still offer you those warm tones at a reasonable price.

Another good reason to purchase them is because they are made from a continuously renewable resource. This will be an important consideration if you are environmentally conscious and want to create a home with furniture and fittings that are ecologically friendly.

Bamboo window blinds are also popular with homeowners who prefer to use natural materials in their home. The great thing with bamboo blinds these days is that you can still make use of the natural material of bamboo, but can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles to match your decor.

Matchstick Natural Bamboo Roman Shade, Widths from 20in. to 75 in. and Length 74in.- Free Shipping

These bamboo window blinds are very economical to buy. You can conveniently buy them online and they come in various widths from 20 inches across to 75 inches across and the drop can be anywhere up to 74 inches in length. There are so many sizes you’re bound to find your window size amongst them.

These matchstick bamboo blinds usually come with a 6 inch valance which hides all the fittings so they look neat, and all the hardware you need for putting them up comes included in the packaging, along with the installation instructions. They are easy to install so should take no time in putting up.

A matchstick blind usually blocks out most of the sun however, it doesn’t provide full privacy.

Randa Auburn Bamboo Roman Shade, Widths from 20in. to 75 in. and Length 74in.- Free Shipping

These bamboo window blinds come in light and dark shades and are beautifully textured. They are also economical to buy for the look they will give your home. They are made more for the interior of your home, as they can develop mold on them in areas of high humidity. Bamboo Roman blinds gently filter out natural light, but are not lined so don’t give total privacy.

These blinds have a 7 inch valance at the top to hide the fittings and look really neat when bought a quarter of an inch smaller than your window so they fit snugly within the window frame. Like the bamboo Roman blinds mentioned above, these blinds are very easy to install and everything you need for hanging them, including instructions is contained in the package.

Tropical Rustic Bamboo Roman Shade, Widths from 20in. to 35 in. and Length 54in.- Free Shipping

These bamboo window blinds are a lighter tan color with richer brown tones coming through the bamboo giving an earthy feel and texture to the blind. For the smart look you get with these blinds, they provide real value for money. They are not lined so don’t offer complete privacy, but do filter out the glaring sun and heat.

They also have a 7 inch valance hiding all the mounting hardware, and are made for indoor use as high humidity will cause them to develop mold. To get these bamboo Roman blinds to fit neatly inside the window order them slightly smaller than the window frame so they don’t scratch the sides of the frame.

Bamboo window blinds offer an economical way to dress your kitchen windows while helping to filter out sun and glare and offering a small amount of privacy.