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Cafe Curtains

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Cafe curtains are one of the most popular kitchen window treatments on the market today. They are available in so many delightful patterns, styles and prints that it’s no wonder they are so popular.

Sheer cafe curtains are in style because they allow in plenty of light but still screen the lower section of your kitchen window providing you with a degree of privacy. Some of the sheer curtains available have lace panels or popular prints like the fat Italian chef print or prints with apples, fruit or flowers. These are always stylish in kitchens.

Cafe curtains usually have a valance popped over a curtain rod along the top section of the window, and then a gap of a few inches that allows plenty of light in, then about 2/3rds of the way down the window another curtain rod is placed for the lower section of the cafe curtains. This bottom section is usually divided into 2 panels that can be the same length all the way along or they can start shorter in the middle and taper in length towards the ends of the curtains.

Most cafe curtains are made from washable fabrics so if they do become soiled it’s just a matter of throwing them in the washing machine to bring them up as good as new. If they’re the sheer or lace type, you can just rehang them back on the curtain rods while they’re damp and they’ll dry as they hang.
Amazon have some beautiful, inexpensive 2 panel white lace cafe curtains which measure 30 inches in height and are 56 inches wide for the lower panels. Then you can purchase the valance, which tapers down from the middle out to the ends. These would give your kitchen a fresh open feel to it.

These cafe curtains don’t have a hem along the top; instead there are slits in the fabric that you weave in and out along the curtain rod. The mesh is quite open which would make them ideal for the kitchen but there was a reviewer who had bought them for the bathroom and found them to not provide enough privacy for that room, so be aware of this if you go to buy these curtains.

At Macy’s online store they have some fabric cafe curtains made up of a square design called the “Grand Canyon” window collection, that are available in a number of lengths. They all measure 60 inches across and come in 24 inch, 36 inch or 45 inch lengths.

There is a matching valance available that is 13 inches in length with the same 60 inch width. These cafe curtains have tab tops that you slide onto the curtain rod and they’re available in 4 colors: dark sage, gold, natural (which is a creamy color) and red.

BedBath store have a number of cafe curtains available including the New Irish Roses collection. The panels are available in a number of widths and lengths. These sheer cafe curtains are made from polyester and have a delicate rose pattern printed on the lace.

 They are available in the colors white or natural and the panels have scalloped edges. A matching valance is also available that tapers further down towards each end of the valance.

Cafe curtains make a stylish kitchen window treatment that are reasonably priced for those on a budget. They come in a huge range of colours, styles and fabrics that would suit any kitchen decor.