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Cheap Curtains for the Kitchen

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You may be in a situation where you need to buy cheap curtains for the kitchen. You may be newly married and have just moved into your own home and the budget is tight. You may be renting a home so don’t want to pay a high price for kitchen window treatments. Or you may be on a low income and just can’t afford anything too expensive. No matter what the reason, you’re in the market for some cheap kitchen curtains. Never fear; there are a still a few ways you can get some nice window curtains for your kitchen at a discount.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine you can save a lot of money by making your own cheap kitchen curtains. The major fabric stores usually have weekly specials on a selection of their fabrics and there is always some material that’s heavily discounted in the remnant bins.

Kitchen curtains are pretty easy to make. You just need to measure the length of the window and add at least another foot to this to allow for the top and bottom hems and the amount of material you will fold and sew at the top to put the curtain rod through.

Then you need to measure the width of the window and double this to allow for some gathering at the top. Add a few inches to this measurement as well to allow for the side hems.

If sewing is not your thing, another way to get cheap curtains for your kitchen is to buy some of that cheap sheer continuous curtaining that’s sold at most of the major fabric store chains. This is sold on a roll and there are quite a few different patterns and designs on these sheers to suit most kitchens. You can also buy these sheers in tiers in a variety of styles.

Make sure to measure the width of your window and either double or triple this measurement, depending on the amount of privacy you like. These kitchen curtains may be cheap but they look really good on the kitchen window. Sheer curtains look great in the kitchen too; they let in plenty of light, making the room bright and sunny, while allowing a level of privacy.

The benefit of buying these types of cheap kitchen curtains is that you don’t need to hem the sides; the staff at the fabric store usually cut the material very well and the way they’re manufactured makes them resistant to fraying.  All you have to do is slide them on the curtain rod and they’re up.

Another way to get cheap curtains for the kitchen is to keep an eye out for sales. The major sales are always a good time to buy items for the home like cheap kitchen curtains. And it’s always worth looking through those catalogues we don’t like getting in the mail box.

There are some online stores like Amazon that offer discounts on their kitchen curtains all year round so it’s worth checking them out to see what they have on offer.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are still ways, like those mentioned above, to get some cheap curtains for your kitchen that will add to its charm without costing you a fortune.