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Country Kitchen Curtains

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Country kitchen curtains can really pull together the other elements in your country style kitchen. Always made from fabric, you would never see slat blinds in an old fashioned country kitchen. Maybe in a modern adaption of a country style kitchen you can get away with the use of slat wooden blinds to carry through the wooden elements often featured in country kitchens; but in the typical traditional country kitchen, the use of fabric for kitchen window treatments is the norm.

The windows in country kitchens were often decorated very simply. They were never completely covered but had fabric draped across part of the window, letting plenty of light into this often used room of the home. A simple cotton curtain valance gathered across the top of the window was often the only decoration used, yet always added a rustic charm to the room. These days of course there are valances with an assortment of patterns and finishes. You can get something simple and unpretentious or you may prefer a valance with prints of flowers or fruits on them, if you have a country style kitchen with that type of theme.

Some country kitchen curtains were also made up of two tiers; a valance at the top and a tier placed just above the centre of the window. These tier curtains have developed into the popular cafe curtains that are now used to decorate a lot of kitchens – and not just country kitchens – the most modern and contemporary kitchens use cafe curtains.

You can get some lovely country kitchen curtains in tiers that are sheer with embroidery stitched onto them. A couple of popular designs are the ones with dainty flowers or cherries embroidered on them. Two-tiered curtains can also be found in a cotton/polyester blend with either floral prints or fruit – like apples – printed on them. These floral or fruit print curtains bring together the country theme of the kitchen, especially if you have old jugs filled with fresh flowers or baskets of fresh produce sitting on your rustic benches or wooden table tops.

Lace was often used for country kitchen curtains. Lacework was a pastime practiced by many women in bygone days. Cotton triangles made from cotton or linen were often edged in lace and then used to decorate the edges of open shelves and as a window treatment along the top of a window. Now we have country curtains which still continue that type of theme with lace edged trims at the bottom of tier curtains.

Or you can even get a couple of square doilies with a lace trim (remember those) from thrift stores and fold those over the curtain rod to get the same effect. If you were handy with a sewing machine, you could cut them in half, sew a hem on the cut side and stick them in place along the top of the window with some pins to create a very country-looking lace edged valance.

 If you enjoy the look and feel of a country kitchen and want to create that kind of theme in your kitchen, there are plenty of choices in country kitchen curtains that will allow you to indulge that decorating style.