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Kitchen Curtain Ideas

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The kitchen is often the hub of the home and the type of kitchen curtain you put up will have an influence the ambience of this busy room. Below you’ll find some curtain ideas that can brighten up a dull kitchen and give it a fresh new look without breaking the bank.

Before you consider the type of curtain you’d like, you need to take into account the area where the kitchen curtain is going to be placed. If they are going to be over a sink, you want to be sure the type of fabric you choose can handle getting splashed with water. You want something in a light fabric that will dry out quickly and not leave a water mark.

If the kitchen window treatments are going to be above a work area, then you’ll want to make sure the fabric isn’t going to show up the greasy marks and food splatters that are inevitable in this section of the room. Getting a kitchen curtain in a fabric that is machine washable is a necessity here, or you could use a roller blind that is treated with that waterproof type of finish that can be easily wiped over and doesn’t leave stains.

Another consideration for curtain ideas in the kitchen is the amount of light you’d like entering the room. There is so much work done in the kitchen; preparing and cooking meals; serving them out and often eating in the room as well, that you want to select designs or fabrics that allow plenty of light into the room. It’s also much nicer working in a light sunny room than a dark dingy one.

You also want to take into account the style of kitchen you have as this will influence the curtain ideas you consider. Does your kitchen have a particular theme or style and if it does you want to get a kitchen curtain that reflects that style or theme. A kitchen with a modern contemporary decor often has blinds used as window treatments; however, kitchen curtains do have their place in this type of decor. Tier curtains often look good in this style of kitchen as they are so versatile.

kitchen tier

You can get tiers in very modern patterns and styles. Some come in a themed print that suit modern decors. You can also get tiers or cafe curtains in designs with bold stripes like this Elrene Cargo Stripe Kitchen Tier Set on the left or in plain bold colors that set off the rest of the room beautifully.

Curtain ideas for the more traditional type of kitchen consist of tiers in cotton polyester blends in a range of patterns and designs or you might prefer tie back curtains in a sheer fabric. County kitchens are also catered for in the tier section, with plenty of sheer, lacy or cotton tiers that set of this particular kitchen style.

Do make sure you select a kitchen curtain that not only suits the style and decor of the room, but blends with the colors in it as well. You might like to introduce a new color into the kitchen however make sure it goes well with the existing colors in the decor.

Valances are good kitchen curtain ideas that come in a variety of patterns, prints and colors to suit most styles and decors of kitchens and if you don’t want to cover your kitchen window, they still add an element of style to it just sitting across the top of the window.

There are just a few kitchen curtain ideas to whet your appetite and get you thinking about the right type of kitchen curtain to suit your particular style and decor