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Fabric Window Shades

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There are so many choices in fabric window shades for the kitchen. You have roller blinds made from fabric, fabric Roman shades, and horizontal fabric shades that perform like a venetian blind. There’s even a temporary fabric window shade that you can just stick to your windows or frames until you’ve decided on the permanent kitchen window treatments you’d like

By using fabric window shades you can choose colors that will go with the rest of your kitchen, whether it’s just one color you want to pick up from other items you have displayed there, to make a bold statement, or it’s a contrasting color you’d prefer to use.

Fabric window shades are easy to clean as well. You can just use a duster and go over them with that from top to bottom or you can use the vacuum cleaner for them. Just use one of those soft brush attachments that come with the vacuum and work your way over the fabric. Or you can wring out a cloth really well so it’s just damp and wipe over the shade with that.

Redi Shade Fabric Window Shade

An ingenious idea for those still deciding on a kitchen window treatment are these inexpensive cordless fabric window shades called Redi shades. The shades are self adhesive and can stick to either your window frame or the window itself. They are made from non-woven polyester and are pleated.

Redi shades are ideal to use when you want to have something up to provide privacy yet allow some light to filter through. They can be put up in a matter of minutes and there’s no hardware needed to fit them. You just cut them to size with a razor knife and they are ready to be positioned.

Horizontal Window Blinds

Horizontal window blinds or, as some call them horizontal shades, are fabric window shades made to have a linen or cloth look from the material they’re manufactured from. These horizontal shades come in a variety of colors like aqua green, light grey, vanilla, cocoa, sand, avocado, pale pink, wheat, and sky blue.

They are unusual in that they look like horizontal window blinds yet they are a venetian, pleated and roman blind all in one. They are a smart looking treatment for your kitchen windows that would go with many kitchen decors and they’re made in various window sizes, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one to fit your kitchen windows.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades have been used for years as fabric window shades. They are popular because they are available in so many colors that they can blend with just about any theme or decor in your kitchen. Their classic lines and colors can really make a statement in any room they’re placed in.

Ready-made Roman shades come in a variety of colors to suit your kitchen decor – natural, latte, cadet blue, garnet and cool white. They are usually made to a standard 72 inches in length but are available in a variety of widths

Roman shades offer total privacy and are easy to install. All the hardware is included in the packaging along with the installation directions. They are designed to fit inside the window frame to show off their classic appearance. These fabric window shades sit flat when fully extended and forms soft pleated folds when raised.