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Kitchen Blinds

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Kitchen blinds are a good choice for kitchen window coverings. In the kitchen you want something that is functional and practical and kitchen window blinds satisfy these requirements.

Venetian blinds made from aluminium or wood are a good choice, as are roller blinds. The reason being is they don’t hold cooking odours in them like fabric kitchen window treatments tend to. If you have kitchen curtains made from fabric, like cafe curtains, these are usually washable so you can get rid of any built up cooking odours.

The simple clean lines of aluminium venetian blinds give a smart, contemporary look to the kitchen and you can get them in a range of colors to suit your kitchen decor.

Wooden venetian blinds also look good when used as a kitchen window treatment, especially if you have a lot of wooden cabinets they can complement. They come in a variety of wood stains that can co-ordinate with other wooden items in your kitchen. Also, if you like using natural materials and furnishings in your home, then wooden venetians will be most suitable.

You can also purchase the faux wood blinds that are quite popular today. These give the look of wood but are lighter to put up and aren’t susceptible to getting scratched or chipped like the wooden venetian blinds. You can also set off these wooden or faux wood venetian blinds with stylish kitchen window valances in colors or patterns that blend with other items in the kitchen. They can add quite a fashionable style to the windows.

Venetian blinds also offer you control in the amount of light and you want to let in to the kitchen and are useful in glary situations where you can adjust the slats to block that early morning or afternoon glare. You can also achieve a good degree of privacy with venetians, as you tilt the slats to an angle that can give you privacy, yet still allow some light into the kitchen.

Probably the only downside to using venetian blinds as kitchen blinds is they need to be regularly wiped down to avoid the grease and grime that can build up on them. If you make this part of the regular routine for cleaning your kitchen it’s not a problem, and with the huge range of colors and widths they come in that lend a sense of style to your kitchen, it would be a shame not to make use of them just for this reason.

Roller blinds are also a pleasing kitchen window treatment. Their clean straight lines look stylish and give a contemporary feel to the kitchen. They are practical and take less time to clean and look after than venetian blinds. These days fabric roller blinds for kitchens are treated to resist the moisture and humidity that are prevalent in a kitchen environment. So you don’t have the worry of them absorbing kitchen odours and they are easy to spot clean with a sponge.

Roller blinds come in a huge range of colors, along with some beautiful patterns and prints. They can really make a statement in your kitchen with some of the prints available, like florals, stripes and modern swirls.

There is such a huge range of aluminium venetian blinds, wooden venetian blinds and roller blinds available on the market today that you are sure to find the perfect kitchen blind to go with your kitchen decor that satisfies your taste and budget.