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Kitchen Window Curtains

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Kitchen window curtains come in a range of styles and designs. 3 piece sets or cafe curtains, as they are sometimes called, are still a popular choice for kitchen window curtains, and are always reasonably priced, so are affordable to those who are on a budget yet still want a stylish kitchen window treatments.

Depending on the fabric choice they can lend themselves to most kitchen decor themes. They can brighten up a kitchen when bold colors are used either to match or contrast with other decorator items in the kitchen. Some of these curtains are sold with all 3 pieces together, that is with the valance packed together with the bottom pair of curtains. Some don’t include the kitchen window valance in the set so be sure to double check what you get in the pack when purchasing.

A favourite for letting natural light into the kitchen is the simple sheer embroidered 3 piece kitchen window curtains that are available. Easy to put up, these sheer curtains give your kitchen a light and airy feel. They can be plain, with different textures or they can have colourful prints or embroidered patterns along the edges of them. Usually

Elegant Artex Style Embroidery Based Kitchen Curtain 3 Pcs Set

These kitchen window curtains are easy care because they are made of 100% polyester, so they wash easily and can be hung back up wrinkle free, making them a perfect kitchen window treatment.

This set is beige in color with embroidery depicting pretty pink flowers. It consists of one valance measuring 60in x 36in with the two tiers measuring 30 x 36 inches, so you’ll need two curtain rods to fit these.

Lily Kitchen Window Curtains

These kitchen window curtains depict Lilies in shades of rose, lavender and lemon with green leaves on a beige background, this is a very eye-catching design. It is made from 100% polyester so is machine washable.

You can choose from either a 24 inch or 36 inch bottom tier which are sold in pairs and are collectively 58 inches wide. And you can either choose to have a swag or valance for the top tier – these are sold separately and are 58 inches in width.

Sheer Lace with Embroider of Pink Artex Kitchen Curtain 3 Pcs Set

These kitchen window curtains are made from 100% polyester and are a three piece set. The background is beige and consists of cut work and very dainty embroidery which depicts small pinkish flowers and leaves along the base of the valance and bottom tiers, with some more dainty embroidery done a little higher up the tiers.

The valance measures 60 inches across with a drop of 36 inches. The bottom tiers measure 30 inches across with the same drop as the valance.

Elegant Artex Style Embroidery Plus Cut Work Based Kitchen Curtain 3 Pcs Set

These sets make for elegant kitchen window curtains. The edging along these curtains is made up of very detailed cut work and embroidery in taupe showing four-petaled flowers joined in a band surrounded by the delicate cut work on a beige background.

There is also some more embroidery detail above the edging of the both the valance and bottom tiers. This set is made of 100% polyester so is easy to just wash and re-hang. The valance measure 60 inches across with a 36in drop and the bottom tiers are 30 inches across with a 36in drop.