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Kitchen Window Treatment

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There are many choices of curtains, blinds and draperies to dress up your kitchen but which would be the perfect kitchen window treatment for the hub of your home? You want to take into account your personal taste, whether it fits into your budget, and how it will blend into your current kitchen decor.

Probably the most popular kitchen window treatments are cafe curtains. There are so many designs, patterns and materials to choose from that you’ll have no problem finding something that meets your taste and budget. You can get pretty cheap cafe curtains from your local department store or online and because they are ready-made, they are really easy to put up, just sliding easily onto a couple of curtain rods.

Before you go shopping for them, be sure to measure the height and width of your kitchen window. In particular you want to make sure the bottom section of your cafe curtains will hang at the right height to give you some privacy, if that’s important to you. For this measurement stand in front of the window and measure it to include an area that would be a couple of inches above your head when you standing in front of it looking out. So this measurement will be the length for the lower section of your cafe curtain.

Kitchen blinds are also gaining popularity as a kitchen window treatment. Horizontal slat aluminium or the vinyl mini blinds that are available online or in stores are really light and fairly easy to install. You just need to drill a few holes just inside the window frame up the top to install them. They are readily available in standard window sizes, however if your kitchen windows are not of the standard size you can get custom kitchen blinds made to measure. You can get them in a wide selection of colors to suit your kitchen decor.

Timber and faux wood slat blinds also look good in the kitchen, especially if you have wooden cabinets and counter tops. Because they can be manipulated you can adjust the light in the room so if you get a lot of glare in the morning or afternoon, you can easily close them or have the slats tilted up to reduce the amount of light entering the room.

 Roller blinds are another good choice for the kitchen. They are made from fabric, however you would be better getting the blinds where the fabric is teflon coated – making them more durable for the kitchen. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and you can buy these readymade or have them made to measure for your windows.

If you buy them made to measure you can usually choose the type of trim you’d like so you can really personalise the blind to your current kitchen decor. You can also get blackout roller blinds which can block out all sunlight and give you privacy.

The above selections should give you a good start in making the right choice of kitchen window treatments for your windows.