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Selecting the Right Kitchen Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

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There are many aspects to selecting the right kitchen window treatments for your kitchen. You not only have to take into account the current decor and style of the kitchen, but your own personal preferences, your decorating budget and make a selection from the vast range of window treatments on the market – blinds, curtains, shades, valances and shutters. Before selecting a kitchen window treatment, be sure to go over this list of tips and suggestions so you end up with a window treatment that enhances your kitchen and makes it look stylish.

The first consideration is determined mainly by the kitchen’s current decor. Have you got a modern contemporary kitchen or a more traditional type? Maybe you have a particular theme that will only suit a particular type of window treatment or you might have a country theme in your kitchen.

No matter the decor of the kitchen there is always something that will suit its particular style more than another. Some slimline blinds, mini blinds or faux wood blinds always look good in a modern kitchen while kitchen curtains always suit the more traditional kitchen.

For a country style kitchen, simple tier curtains or valances in plain cotton or cotton prints look good and for themed kitchens there are usually tiers or curtains made with a print that is carried through in the accessories used for the particular theme. The Italian chef accessories and matching tiers comes to mind here.

Taking your current kitchen’s decor into account, you also want to take your own personal preferences into consideration. This could be as simple as a particular decorating style that you like or it could be borne from a necessity like needing something that’s easy to clean or that doesn’t show up dirt because you’re time poor and don’t have a lot of time to devote to cleaning a particular kitchen window covering.

Or might just love a specific color and enjoy being surrounded by it as you work in the kitchen. You may have a desire for plenty of light and sunshine coming into the kitchen, so want a kitchen window treatment that makes the room feel light and airy. Studies show that having plenty of natural light in a room enhances our mood so this may be an important personal preference for you, and needs to be considered when selecting your kitchen window treatment.

You also need to consider the type of window treatment you’d like in the kitchen. There are so many to choose from. You can get slat blinds that are slimline, or a bit wider; made from aluminium, vinyl or faux wood; roller shades or roman blinds. These come in a variety of colors and textures. Shutters are also gaining in popularity as a kitchen window treatment

Kitchen curtains have always been a favourite and there are many to choose from – continuous sheers and cross-over sheers, cafe curtains, tiers, valances in plain colors, stripes, printed patterns or lace. So you need to consider which type you like, and which would blend well with and look good in your kitchen.

Your decorating budget will also influence the type of treatment you choose. If money is an issue, work out the type of kitchen window treatments you’d like from the above suggestions and then wait for the big sales. Measure up the kitchen windows so that when the opportunity to buy that window treatment on sale comes up you can grab that bargain, knowing you’re buying exactly what you want in the sizes and colors you came up with from following the above recommendations.