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Kitchen Window Valances

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Kitchen window valances can add a decorative touch to your kitchen decor. They can be used to create a certain theme through your kitchen – either your own unique style or the more traditional kitchen themes.

A valance is simply a piece of fabric that you place along the very top of your kitchen windows and are usually short, though they can vary in length. You can use them to dress up a window on their own, or they can be used in conjunction with mini blinds or sheer curtaining, just hanging down over the top section of the windows to create decorative kitchen window treatments.

Do not confuse kitchen window valances with pelmets, which are more of a fixture made from wood which is then padded and covered with material. A valance gives a softer effect because it’s usually made from fabric material, though there are some creative people who have used baskets and other objects as valances across the tops of their windows.

You can also drape scarves or pieces of fabric that go with your kitchen decor over curtain rods which will produce a softer swag effect. You can really add your own style and flair to your kitchen using kitchen window valances and can carry the theme through the rest of the room in the accent colours you use in your tablecloths, seat cushions and napkins etc.

Kitchen window valances allow plenty of light into your kitchen when used on their own or with sheer curtaining or kitchen blinds, giving the room an open airy feel. You can also buy matched sets where the valance has matching bottom tiers, to create a more consistent effect on your kitchen windows.

Garden Fruit – Tie-Up Valance Kitchen Curtains

These charming kitchen valances are made up of 2 pieces of material, one sitting on top of the other. The top piece of fabric has pictures of apples, pears, grapes and berries with their leaves on a pale background in color hues of red, green, purple, yellow and green so makes for a very colourful valance.

This top piece of fabric ties up to form a swag that reveals an underlying gingham fabric in complementary colors to the fruits. This valance measures 58 inches across with a length of 15 inches. It is machine washable being a polyester/cotton blend.

Seashells – Insert Valances

If you live near the coast or your kitchen has a nautical or seaside theme, then these seashell kitchen window valances would be ideal. The valance is white with a border of various shaped seashells in colors of beige, lemon, light brown and green.

The middle section of the valance measures 12 inches in length and then the valance gradually increases in length at each end. It measures 52 inches across and is made up of 70% polyester and 30% cotton.

Daisy Tab Top Valances

These crisp, fresh-looking valances would look great in a kitchen where you wanted to accentuate the colors of white, lemon or light green. The valance is a soft bone color. The tab tops are highlighted with a single daisy flower embroidered in white with a small wooden button sewn in its centre.

The daisy stem and leaves are embroidered in a light green. The bottom of the valance is trimmed in white which complements the daisy flowers between the tabs. There is embroidered vining leaf across the middle of the white trim. It is made from 100% polyester so is machine washable.