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Pleated Window Shades for the Kitchen

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Pleated window shades are economical and functional to use as kitchen window treatments. They are usually made from fabric – most are made from 100% polyester – but some pleated shades are made from paper like the very economical Redi Shade Pleated White Paper Shade .

Pleated blinds offer a diffused soft light into the kitchen area, giving the same type of look as the more expensive honeycomb or cellular shades but at a more affordable cost. Because the material is pleated it makes these pleated shades or blinds strong and durable. The pleats collapse in an accordion fashion when raised so don’t take up a lot of your view.

Hunter Douglas offers a good range of pleated shades in a variety of colors and styles like the 1 inch pleats offering different patterns and textures.

Some manufacturers like Bali go the extra mile and offer options that fortify the pleated blinds. Their “Neatpleat” backladder option reinforces the pleats keeping them evenly spaced and prevents them from sagging over time.

Not to be outdone, Graber have also come to the party. They offer 1 inch or 2 inch pleats and their “Evenpleat” design keeps the pleats crisp, evenly spaced and prevents sagging and stretching.

Pleated window shades can be ordered online and be made to fit inside or outside the window frame, so if you have nice window casings, they can be left uncovered and on display. These pleated blinds also give reasonable insulation to the room they’re used in.


Top down/bottom up pleated window blinds are becoming a more popular option as they allow you to do what many other window shades do not. That is they allow you to lower the shade from the top of the window as well as from the bottom. This may be important to you if you’re kitchen faces a busy street or privacy is an issue. You can still let in plenty of light by lowering the top of the pleated blind.

Most manufacturers offer pleated window shades in a large variety of colors, textures and patterns. These window treatments do allow diffused light into the kitchen so if you would prefer a light blocking window shade; they are available to buy with light blocking liners.

Pleated window shades are available with either a continuous cord loop option or a cordless option. Cordless shades are beneficial to use where there are young children in the home to prevent any accidents.

You can keep your pleated blinds clean and dust free by going over them regularly with a feather duster or the brush attachment of the vacuum. If you need to spot clean them, test on an inconspicuous section of the blind first. Just use a tiny drop of cleaner on a damp cloth and sponge the area with light dabbing motion. Then rinse out the cloth in water and dab over the area again.

Pleated window shades look good, are functional and come in a variety of colors to suit your kitchen decor. They are a smart looking, affordable kitchen window treatment for your home.