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Using Roller Window Shades in the Kitchen

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Roller window shades are a popular window treatment for many rooms of the home. They are simple and easy to operate, are available in a variety of colors, and are economical to buy. The type of fabric you choose will influence the level of light entering the room. All perfect reasons why roller window blinds are a good choice for kitchen window treatments.

The kitchen is a room that has to deal with a lot of steam and humidity, so bamboo or wood blinds are not a good choice for this type of room, the humidity can warp and discolour them and bamboo blinds can get mold problems from the moisture in the air.

Roller window shades are an ideal choice for kitchens with their high humidity because the material they are made from is mainly polyester or vinyl; a fabric that stands up well to moisture and humidity so they won’t warp or peel.

You can find these types of Levolor roller window shades at amazon at very reasonable prices. Or you can have them custom made to your specifications from many of the online blinds stores like Hunter Douglas that sell them made to order.

You can also use roller window shades with other window treatments like fabric curtains that sit either side of the window shades or sheer curtains that criss-cross over the top of them. This can add another design element to complement your kitchen window.

Using roller window shades as your window coverings allows you to monitor the amount of light and sun you want in the room. When ordering custom made roller blinds, you are given a choice as to the type of material you want it made from and this determines how much sun and light enters the room.

The fabric they are made from can be sheer to opaque so if you want plenty of light in your kitchen while reducing glare, and allowing moderate privacy, you might decide on a semi sheer type of fabric.

For more privacy you might want to go for a denser light filtering material that allows a little less light into the room but still enough for a soft diffused light to enter it while still allowing adequate privacy.

For total privacy you may go for roller blinds with denser blackout fabrics that filter out all light and give you total privacy. These are made from either fabric with a vinyl backing or 100% vinyl and would be ideal to use behind sheer curtains. You can leave the roller shades up during the day and roll them down at night for complete privacy.

Roller window shades are really easy to keep clean. Water splashing on them dries quickly and any food splatters can be wiped off easily due to the polyester or vinyl fabric they are made from. To keep dust at bay, just give them a clean with a feather duster or the brush attachment from your vacuum.

Because they come in a large range of colors (solid and stipes), patterns and weaves, you can get roller window shades to match not only your kitchen decor but other window treatments you have in adjoining rooms. You can also get cordless or remote control roller window shades.

For their style and functionality, easy of cleaning, and color selection, roller window shades are a good choice for your kitchen window treatment.