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Sheer Vertical Blinds

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Sheer vertical blinds look great in a kitchen; they give you privacy through the day while letting in lots of natural light, creating a light open, airy feel in this busy room of the house. The material these sheer blinds are made from is usually polyester, which gives a soft, elegant look for this kitchen window treatment.

Sheer vertical blinds are light enough that the air can circulate well throughout the kitchen when the window are open, and a bonus when using these types of blinds is that you can control the view you wish to see by manoeuvring the vertical slats to the position you prefer.

Some manufacturers offer sheer vertical blinds in standard window sizes while there are others with websites where you input your measurements and they can make them to your exact requirements. They usually come in a variety of textures but have a limited color range of white, beige, green, gold, greys and browns.

American Blinds Sheer Vertical Drapery Blinds

The panels of these sheer vertical blinds are made from polyester and they have been especially designed so that the sheers fold into soft billows without vertical vanes, creating a soft full look to your blinds. The head rail is hidden by an aluminium valance and the blind control can be either a 7 inch cord/chain or a wand.

Some of the colors you can choose from include hazelnut, ivory, powder, espresso, harvest gold, eucalyptus and cinnamon spice, and they also come in a variety of textures. The minimum width you can order is 12 inches with the maximum is 192 inches, while the minimum length you can order is 24 inches with the maximum being 120 inches.

Sheer Enchantment Soft Vertical Blinds

These sheer vertical blinds come in a range of soft fabrics. You can choose from 100% polyester, a polyester and linen blend or a polyester and flax blend of material. They give privacy yet allow in plenty of soft, diffused light and come in a range of colors, some of which are white, barley, champagne, pecan, gold, taupe, cafe, beige, ivory and cream.

They are easy to install and very easy to clean, being fully machine washable. You can order from a minimum width of 17 inches to a maximum of 191 inches, with the minimum length you can order being 19 inches, maximum length is 194 inches.

3 1/2″ Sheer 72″ x 84″, Fabric Vertical Blinds by

You can buy these pre-made at size 72 x 84 inches but if you’d prefer to have them custom made to your specifications you can choose that option. These sheer vertical blinds are easy to operate and provide privacy while letting in natural light.

The usual hard-edged lines are softened due to the soft folds of the sheer fabric, and as with all verticals you can easily control the view by adjusting the fabric slats. These sheer vertical blinds make good kitchen window treatments as they are easy to clean; the  material is fully washable, and you can choose which side you’d prefer to have the side controls.