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Vinyl Mini Blinds For the Kitchen

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If you’re after kitchen window treatments that are affordable yet stylish, you can’t go past vinyl mini blinds. If you’ve just moved into a home of your own and are on a budget; or you rent and want to put up some kitchen blinds that don’t cost a lot yet look smart, vinyl mini blinds are your perfect solution. You can also get vinyl vertical blinds or aluminium mini blinds, but this article discusses the more economical vinyl mini blinds.

These cheap mini blinds have a lot going for them. Besides being affordable, they are practical to use in the kitchen as window treatments. The kitchen is an area that gets a lot of humidity. And food particles and grease marks often get splattered onto your window treatments, especially if they are over a sink or work bench.

As kitchen blinds, vinyl mini blinds are very versatile because of the material they are made from; anything splattered onto these cheap mini blinds can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth or you canĀ  sprayed with some all purpose cleaner and given a wipe over.

You can buy aluminium blinds or wood blinds for the kitchen and they look good too, but you couldn’t get those at the same cost as these cheap vinyl blinds unless at a discount sale. Mini blinds have slats that are narrower than the usual standard horizontal blinds that you see in older style homes; the slats being around 1 inch in width or less.

And because these mini blinds are made out of vinyl they are really light to handle which makes them a breeze to install. Vinyl is also a very durable material so these vinyl blinds are long lasting and able to withstand a decent amount of wear and tear. Shades made from vinyl don’t absorb kitchen odors the same way those made from fabric do so this feature also makes them a good choice to use in the kitchen.

Vinyl mini blinds give you complete control of the amount of light you want entering the kitchen. You can adjust the slats to suit the light conditions outside. If it’s glary you can have the slats at a particular slant that shuts out the glare yet still allows some light filtering through into the kitchen. If it’s a bright sunny day and you want to let in the sunshine you can have the slats open fully to let plenty of light into the kitchen while you’re working in it.

Studies have shown that working in a well lit room with plenty of natural light streaming into it boosts your health and increases the production of certain good chemicals in your body. Vinyl mini blinds give you the option of letting in plenty of light so you can work in conditions that are good for your health. Then at night, for privacy, you can close the slats completely.

As a kitchen window covering the vinyl mini-blind offers a stylish simplicity. The simple straight lines of the blind will enhance the design of a modern or contemporary kitchen. Vinyl mini blinds also come in a wide selection of colors that will blend well with most kitchen decors.